Remember to always cut the carrots

Remember to always cut the carrots There is a lovely place not far from our house where you can go feed senior horses. These horses have retired from racing or filming etc. Last time we went we were told just to break the carrots in pieces to feed them. On our next visit we had bags of carrots in hand and figured we would do the same thing. Whoops…. no said the volunteer. We were told to cut the carrots today and they had to be in 1 inch pieces. Horses are like the elderly she said and start to lose their teeth and can no longer chew well, they can even choke. We went to enter the kitchen but someone was cleaning the floor so I was then handed a large knife with a cutting board and told to go in the empty office down the corner. Ok. The office she sent me to was not empty and I guess I looked rather friendly and slighty confused? I cut the carrots in estimated 1 inch pieces and we went out to the pasture to feed the horses. Several had muzzles on and couldn’t eat at all and the rest came up to visit and seemed to enjoy the estimated 1 inch pieces. I was waiting though for the ruler police to come around and tell me that my cut carrots weren’t exactly 1 inch. Phew…..