Summer camp and the big ocean

Summer camp and the big ocean We are only two weeks away from the official start of summer. Those of us that have kids see that slow moving train a coming. My one friend even has a party for all of the moms on the last day of school, mimosas and food are a plenty. Summer camps are already filled and schedules are complete for July. However given the excitement of our past kayaking trip in Florida I kept on thinking maybe there is a camp on water? I got my much needed answer in conversation with a bus driver while as a chaperone on a 2nd graders field trip to Camden Aquarium. We started talking about kayaking and sailing and she told me there is a sail camp locally for kids 8 and up. There is so much to explore on land and on water and given that the Earth is about 70% water why not? So for a few days this summer the kids will learn on water. My hopes are that this camp will set sails in their memories.