Scenes from the Philadelphia Zoo

Scenes from the Philadelphia Zoo We are members of the Philadelphia Zoo. I have been traveling from the suburbial countryside since a child. We pack a picnic and usually see one highlighted thing each time. You never know what your going to see at the zoo. And one particular day while visiting the giraffe section there was a surprise that nature intended for all to see. On this occasion there were female and male giraffes and things got a little heated. It was more interesting to watch the people than the giraffes because it was a birds and bees lesson right there before your eyes. If you weren’t ready for it well you could try and tell the zoo you wanted your money back or you could just simply explain what happened. There are no photos. Just memories. Of those who couldn’t stop staring. And one shrieking mom telling the father to cover the child’s eyes with his hands. “Look away!”. She replied. This was priceless. And I still go to the zoo.