The Hibachi

The Hibachi Art form, food and entertainment. What more could you ask for? The other afternoon it was brought to my attention that we had never been to one of these establishments. And so we went. The table is family style meaning they seat you with others until the table is full. It resembles an E without the middle. That middle is for the large flat square steel hot-plated griddle where the chef performs and cooks for you. We took the kids. You order off a menu then wait for the plate to get hot and for the chef to perform. The kids were wide eyed with excitement as he cooked the eggs and mixed the rice. Then the onion stacked in layers to resemble a volcano and hot oil placed in the middle where huge flames erupted! You could feel the heat and the energy. Chopping and dicing and cooking the orders of shrimp, chicken, steak and scallops. And to the next part. The chef asks if anyone wants to catch a shrimp in their mouth? What? Shocked and amazed at the same time.. Its a DARE! And so funny at the same time. Some of us missed but caught the second flying crustacean. You don’t want to wear any fancy digs here. The smiles were a plenty like we all climbed a mountain. An adventure that is fun to try at least once. Here’s my cartoon version.