Good grief it's a Socktastrophe!

Good grief it's a Socktastrophe! If the sock police came to my house there would be an investigation of staggering proportions. I have no idea where they go? I do find some under couches, beds, attached to clothing etc etc. But the loss of socks at my household is astounding.Maybe this is normal. Do others have this issue? With children in the house I need socks for them. I have kept it simple. White or black tube like things that go a little above the ankle. Sometimes I’ll get daring and find florescent fun ones. Usually I buy several packs every 3 months thinking we have plenty. They’ll never have to worry about matching socks I say to myself. We have plenty and the drawer is filled.But in the last decade the safety of socks has not happened. Somehow I know its time to stock up when there is a Socktastrophe. Whats a Socktastrophe you say? Well first its a made up word. Here is my collective of what happened. A Socktastrophe is when it's 8:17 in the morning and your middle son goes to get socks and finds that his mother just absolutely ruins the beginning of his day by buying socks that don’t fit. Socks that are too large and the heel part that is supposed to be in the heel hangs above the ankle molded like a small mountain.Thus begins the quest to find old socks that fit him just right. And so we look everywhere.Couches, under beds, hampers, drawers and behind washer/dryer. Okay, so in the 3 minutes of craziness we find one pair and they match…Phew! This was not without tears…. I mean crazy tears that maybe someone would make fun of him for that weird bulge in his socks above the ankle. A calamity was thwarted and I knew after I dropped the kids off my list of getting socks was top priority.Not only did I need to get the right colors but also make sure I had the right size. So I went to the store and and there were 5 aisles of socks. I was trying to keep it simple? Okay no color I thought. But there are so many styles? Above the ankle, below the knee, wicking for moisture and some have the name of the brand on the side to show everyone what sock you have like it explains your personality or something? Then there are packs. Packs of different colors, different prints, and textures. I stuck with the plain black and white and was off to the register to purchase two packs of 12 matching paired socks in total. I came home and washed them and placed them in the drawer safe and sound paired and unfazed. I should have given them a salute. Bon voyage socks! Hope you can make the 3 month journey in our house!