Happy Birthday Levi. Your younger sister will always tell you the truth.

Happy Birthday Levi.  Your younger sister will always tell you the truth. Never think an 8 year old girl can keep a secret. We are entering the world of double digits with some of our kids. Now it is not about tons of toys that cost twenty bucks a pop. Its one big one. Usually technology based and costly. If our kid asks for one thing instead of 5 shouldn’t he get it? I mean he's not asking for much. Just one thing. And so I give in. And his dad gives in. But let us try and keep quiet until the day of. Make it a surprise. My daughter is all ears. Great big dumbo ears. Sit around the corner and not know she’s there ears. Smart and little and regularly outsmarts her older much larger brothers. And so starts the birthday. And hopefully full of surprises. So much so the gift is coming Fed Ex. There are a few quick Mom cab stops I have to do today. So my husband was worried. "The package could come the ten minutes your gone so you should make a note!” he says. And so I did. A snazzy little note with a sketch on it. Oh this is smart. I’ll place it on the door right before I take the kids.. So I tape it on the door and finish my errands. I go to leave and there before my eyes is my daughter out front peeling over the tape to see the note to the Fed ex person and reading it to my son. The note reads: “Today is my son’s birthday. This is his gift. Please deliver today. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.” Never trust an 8 year old girl to not tell the truth. However smart you think you are.