The prince, the frog, and the wart.

The prince, the frog, and the wart. Stories and myths place the frog or toad with many variables. First, there is the if you kiss a frog they will turn into a prince. Then there is if you touch a toad you will get a wart. Are toads frogs and are frogs toads? You can google this one. I like the amphibians. Some of my family have houses on Indian River Bay in Delaware and when I visit there are times when they are out in biblical proportions like locusts. In any case. I’ve never kissed a frog. Never met a prince. I’ve touched a toad. They sure didn’t give me warts. I like how they jump instead of walk. Once upon a time there was a girl who kissed a toad that was a frog that gave her the power to jump buildings and live on land and water. That should be the next variable.