The Rescuers

The Rescuers

There are so many paths you can go for finding your next family pet. Some choose exotic animals like lizards, snakes, birds, ferrets or fish.

 Some choose felines. Cats are very independent. You really can’t walk a cat.

 And then there are dogs. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Colors and breeds. Mixes galore. You can go for a purebred or that modern mutt from a local rescue.

 Rescues are a breed of their own. Some that are crazy judgmental. We had the one border collie rescue group on our first try visit our house with a clipboard and a matching dog key chain collar. The inspector or member of this rescue was coiffed with umpteen jewels bedazzling her and looked straight from the salon with a french manicure to boot. She brought along her pet, husband no. 2. They perused our house looking for the essentials that every border collie needs. Sheep and a farm with no children. We sat down with her as she asked us questions that were more invasive then when we had had our own babies. I think we failed once she asked the question about how could you deal with the dogs obsessive/compulsive behavior and I replied with the answer. “ Oh, I have a child just like that already." 

Fast forward a few years later and we decided to try again with another rescue. Somehow I got word that All 4 Paws Rescue Inc. in Chester Springs, PA was a different kind of rescue. Sure you had forms and references and shots that had to be up to date with your other pets but they were friendlier and without judgement on the size of your house and what you wore and looked like. They want people looking to welcome a dog into their home as family. Sometimes they have puppies but mostly they have dogs that were close to being euthanized or forgotten by their previous owners. Stories that are many. If you are willing to make a dog a permanent part of your pack this is the type of rescue that really means it.

 Our first rescue from this organization was named Parker. A border collie/shepherd mix that we received from Kristin as a pup. We have since named him Wyatt. He has grown into large brown loving dog who hates any kind of flowing fabric. He is funny and has the personalty of Scooby- doo.

 After that I managed to promise the kids another small dog and eventually we found Blackjack who was also from All 4 Paws. He is a 10 pound papillon chihuahua we have renamed Fez or Mr. Fuzz. He has fit right in with all the gang furry and human. He loves to sit on everyones lap and enjoys his fair share of cheese.

 And what happened with the idea of a border collie on our first attempt with the previous rescue?

 Well after that episode and failing to live to the standards of the border collie rescue inspector trophy wife who needed something to do, we just went ahead and found a reputable border collie breeder and got Forrest. He is the oldest of our pack of dogs. We may not have a farm and we may not have sheep but the kids sure can be herded and so can the vacuum.