Up-do's and Aqua-Net

Up-do's and Aqua-Net I’m a child of the 70s. Color TV was new and game shows were the thing. Especially the program Price is Right. Everyone had a TV and if you were quite luxurious you had TVs in every room. My mother was a hairdresser. At times we were schlepped to houses where she had clients. One neighbor in particular we made weekly house calls to. Her name was Dot. Dot let us watch the Price is Right in her entry room while my mom did her hair. It was sort of an indoor/outdoor room with no valuables and no tchotchkes. Just a TV and a couch and a green astro-turf rug. Her hair metamorphosis took the whole time of the Price is Right program start to finish. Dot's hair resembled the color of a giant cream puff while her real hair color was more like expresso. Hair roots can be an unwelcoming sight so it had to be touched up weekly.. There was bleach and wash and then hot set with curlers. Then comes the magic . The comb was used as a wand that poof!!!…. made anyone’s lifeless, limp, and thinning hair look... Voila!!! Like you wrestled with a cheetah in a lightning storm? As most know when aqua net is sprayed to set hair there is no more combing. You just keep it still. If it was windy most ladies would wear a scarf to keep everything just so and hopefully non-moving and untouched until ...yes the following week! This was the popular do of do’s. Thank goodness hairstyles change. But that game show still goes on and for my mom and Dot The Price was right.