What to bring to Tuesday Night Bingo

What to bring to Tuesday Night Bingo.

 10.) 5$. This gets you in the door and buys you two boards which you can play til 10 pm.
        Add some quarters to the mix and you can get the specials.
 9. ) Daubers- these ink dots of many different colors means your serious about the game
       Pens and pencils are nonessential at this place
 8.) A drink and candy. The game starts at 7 and ends at 10.
      If you stay you will want to provide for yourself.
 7.) Glasses if you need to read the numbers. Sometimes you won’t hear the numbers.
 6.) A friend. Laughs are many and the night goes by fast.
 5.) Magnetic bingo wand- this works well when you are ready to start over
      when someone yells BINGO!
 4.) A bag for all your daubers preferably a craft bag this means you love the sport
 3.) Chips- you can have the metal ones that work with your bingo wand or the regular ones.
 2.) A sense of humor and knowing when they call the 0-69 number.
      You will then be notified by the gamers this mean “whoopee”.. It never gets old.
 1.) Your bingo card that gets you in the place! Put your name and number on the back of the card
      and you could be the winner of the month ( gifts like vacuum’s and microwaves because you
      just can’t have enough)