Will the real shopper please step forward?

Would the real shopper please step forward?

 Are you a professional shopper? A browser? Do you stick to your list?

 We are a week away from the beginning of the holiday bonanza called Black Friday.
 This divides the normal novice shoppers and the real professionals. If waking up at 2 a.m. and waiting in line in the bitter cold with the masses to get what seems to be twenty dollars off that new X-box go for it.

 I don’t know where the frenzy of this particular friday started. It can be a marketers dream. Lower the price slightly and open the doors early and everyone including grandma thinks they are getting a deal.

 Then the action news van comes into play and you can watch the 11 o’clock news and see what the fuss is all about. Does anyone remember those cabbage patch kids? Now there was a frenzy!

 Does getting these gifts and gift cards to pass back and forth to each other equate to loving each other more or is this just about economy, about habit, and knowing where you are in the society and what you have and what you don’t?

 Doing the dance with the stores makes it official. Some love it and good for you. I think I’ll pass
and step back because I am not the real shopper. I’ll let the professionals step forward at 2 a.m.