The Blob and the groundhog and hating January.

                           The Blob and the groundhog and hating January.
 I am living in the very town that the blob was made in. I hated that movie as a kid and besides the exorcist it was the scariest thing. They played this movie every January.  A large jelly like substance coming to eat people and the terror in the theater goers faces as they left running and screaming was just plain horrific.
January is a month that follows the craziness of the holidays and while the quiet is wonderful, its still so cold.
Temps are below 35 and often in the teens with wind and snow. And dark, not much light. Short days where you long for the sunshine and warmth.  Sure its a great time to drink hot chocolate and tea.  If you like soup and chili and layers of clothes where you can’t feel your skin ...its great.  
Then there is the wait for the next holiday.  I’m not talking Valentine’s day.  Nope.  It has to do with a rodent.  This rodent comes out of his den or hole and decides whether or not we will have six more consecutive weeks of winter all based upon seeing his shadow or not.  
If I could write a next chapter about how I hate the month of January perhaps moving the groundhog back a week and having the blob eat him then there would be no six more weeks of winter after all. 
I could do this or just move to Florida and quit complaining.