Who has a good sense of direction?

                 Who has a good sense of direction?
Are you good with grids and numbers and patterns and counting?  
Has mapquest and google maps reassured us that we will never ever get lost?
You can choose your voice of choice and have them tell you where to go.
Will they tell you the construction, the weather, the accident that will most likely occur?   
Accuracy and maps can be important and there sure is an industry of gadgedtry that will guide you to the route of your destination.
Back in the beginning when roads were just starting there were wagons and the maps were drawn by hand.  Look to the east or west. 
Follow that river.
Onward we go.
What is the best way these days being told where to go or finding it yourself? 
Oh if it wasn’t that fateful turn to the left or to the right.
What happens when we would rather witness chance than known fact from a computer that tells you exactly where to go and what to do?
There are boundless ways to find your way.
And sometimes there are detours.
Lost or not wherever you are is right here.