You are getting sheepy.

                             You are getting sheepy.
They say we spend a third of our life asleep. Thats third. We humans and many other creatures of the world need sleep to regulate just about everything. The mind still may be buzzing, the muscles do not.Rest provides the basic essentials to our own survival. Insomnia can be a detriment and stressful. Restless souls can have anxiety and the sequence may be like a wind up rubber band just waiting to spring. Hibernation is key to lots of animals. That long winter’s nap is part of life.

We hear so many sayings like “sleep like a baby.”To be true to my own history, no baby of mine slept.
 Then there’s the adage of counting sheep. Does anyone count sheep? I can visualize them as fluffy and soft like cottony skies falling upon each other but it never helped me dose off. 

 Rip Van Winkle’s sleep caused him to lose track of time as in decades. Whether the origin was that of moonshine or just snuggling in the foothills of the mountains. Sleep for him was way too much.

 The thought is eight hours as the right amount of time. Some need more and others need less. 

 Your in trouble if you can’t. 

Eyes can only stay open for so long. 

Either way as the saying goes. Let sleeping dogs lie.

 Don't wake up the baby, the sheep, Rip Van Winkle, your kids, or your partner.

 Let the alarm clock be the bad guy.