Bughilda is ready to spring into action.

                   Bughilda is ready to spring into action.
I enjoy seasons and true winter. The mid-atlantic this year has had the pattern of ice and slush and sleet with very cold temps followed by warm ups. 
Mother nature hasn’t decided exactly decided what it wants.  But it is starting to torture those that like to walk outside and not be cooped up.  The other day at the market I could see it on all the faces of the mothers and fathers who are the ones home with the toddlers and babies.  This listless look of dread being stuck between illness at the schools and the weather.
Kids getting older and more self-sufficent really help your mental well being.  
If the winter here had to be summed up somehow for 2015, I'd say that it was like someone just vomited a colorless slurpee over and over again and then let it freeze and thaw and freeze and thaw with some hints of blue and green food coloring. 
Although as I write this, mother nature has decided to give one last blast with real fluffy snow.
Get ready to plant your seeds soon, spring is on its way.