Lessons on the bunny suit.

                          Lessons on the bunny suit.
Most of us have all been there at one point in our lives. Perched up upon a stranger dressed in a bunny suit for Easter photos. I do remember way back in the polaroid days either my mother or my nana taking us to an indoor market called Booth’s Corners and having multiple photos taken every year sitting on a man dressed as a bunny. This seemed to be an okay thing to most because in those days that is what you sent to your relatives to show you had kids. 
I’d imagine Aunt Broomhilda saying, “Oh look Uncle John here is so and so’s kids.” 
Names and ages were placed on the back of the photo as for them to know who we were.
I’m thinking one year in particular we have a photo of the man dressed as a bunny sleeveless. Not only sleeveless but man-bunny was tattooed heavily. I laugh every time I see it. I’m not sure of the hiring process during these events. I guess if you can willingly put on a bunny suit and deal with screaming children and crazy parents and grandparents you do okay. I didn’t understand the fuss of it all and thank goodness that we have iPhones and I don’t do this to my own children. I never knew exactly what to ask the man in the bunny suit for either? Its not like it was Christmas or anything? I knew we would get candy and have some egg hunt but thats about it. 
The bunny suit is still around and there are plenty of people who enjoy getting the children dressed in their sunday best and having them sit on the Easter Bunny, hopefully they find one with no tattoos. You get what you pay for even at Easter.