The happy factor, one tall glass at a time.

                       The happy factor, one tall glass at a time.
Do you see yourself as a positive person or negative?
If this was one of the questions asked during a job interview how many would answer?
I have no statistics on this nor am trying to suggest that the either is correct.
Perhaps an easier question would be if you had a glass of water that was filled half-way, do you see it as half-full or half-empty?
I’m not judging here really I’m not.
Just presenting the idea.
They say most people are who they are meaning happy and positive or sad and negative.  You can have accolades and accomplishments and make more money etc. but in the end after the quick surge where you have been handed the trophy and the dust settles you are back right where whichever state of mind you were.
Some statistics say after you reach an annual income of $75,000, people who make more are no more happier.  Income is truly a detriment.  You need money to survive.
There are always the if then I would be happy statement too.
The tough part is happiness is a state of mind not an if then.
There are plenty of ways to help and here are some I think work.
1) travel-no better way to understand the world and people more, its a you’ll never know who your gonna meet kind of thing and you understand yourself more as a person and empathize with people. You learn more about the world.
2) Nature- another place where its just natural and quiet. A walk in the woods does do you good.
3)Dinner with your family or friends- Ideas and stories happen here. The daily where listening to each person is required.
4)Activities-biking,skiing,swimming,jogging,kayaking,climbing and many more. This helps mood as well and shows that yes you are alive.
5)Support network- friends,family,coworkers, etc.  Those that have good positive energy that can be exchanged.
Either way in the state of mind of happiness.  We are the company that we keep.
Glasses that are half-full or half-empty.