Along came a spider

                       Along came a spider
You know the feeling.  A soft touch... a gentle itch on your bare skin. At one point you realize the soft touch keeps moving and boom!
Much like a hammer  that hits the scale and a red light goes off in your brain!


 The webs catch you off guard.  If you are outdoors in warm months you are bound to meet up with them too.  They get a bad rap.  They really don’t want to come across a human.  The tough part is they have eight legs and a big thorax and are hairy. They have been categorized with bats and black cats on Halloween.  Yes they can bite. Most will hurt like a bee sting.  
On the east coast we have two that are venomous.  The brown recluse and the black widow.  Black widows mainly bite in June when their eggs are about to be hatched.  Its the female who is protecting her brood.  The red violin on her back is the distinguishable part to tell us she means business.  Brown recluses are smaller and less noticeable.  There are reports of bites but mostly never verified.  
They are interesting creatures that weave a web much larger then their bodies.  They prey on insects that are pests.   I’m not saying to love them but they really aren’t fire and brimstone just arachnids doing their job.

In spite of this I will say that if by any chance along came a spider , I would not sit down beside her.