Do you have a green thumb?

                                       Do you have a green thumb?
In April as yards and trees get greener by the minute everyone begins to think of planting. Trees and flowers and seeds and gardens.  The idea of the green thumb is upon us all. There is hope for many because its a new year and if your plantings didn’t work out last year its time to start again.
Planting of trees and shrubs in general is best done in the fall when the ground is still warm and the days begin to cool. No one wants to hear that because its spring!
The industry and marketing will go with what sells no matter what and with a billion dollar industry the masses speak to spring and so they listen.  You have plenty of time to plant those seeds before July when weeds take over.
Grow your own food and grow your own pumpkin for the fall.
Thumbs up to everything green.
With enough heat,light, and water something is bound to grow.