Put those ants in your big pants.

                        Put those ants in your big pants.
That funny game is still around where you try to put as many plastic ants in a pair of big pants. 
Can you imagine if it was real ants in real pants?  I think not.
We all have an ant story.  A wake up to ants crawling on you or your sitting there and they are poof on your sandwich!
Perhaps you sat down to have a nice quiet breakfast with your cup of coffee and you see on the white tablecloth moving little ants everywhere. 
This did happen to me as recent as two weeks ago.  
At first its shock. 
Winter is over and things are starting to live again.
As much as we know it is coming we are always so surprised by an infestation.
Where are they coming from?
How did they get to be that many?
Did I leave a sugar cookie on the floor?  
You have to figure out a solution which usually means your headed to the nearest hardware store in your big pants getting something to kill those real ants. 
Game over.