The YOLO factor.

                            The Yolo factor.
In the news this week in my state of Pennsylvania there was a father who took his child to the Boston Marathon.
The school had sent a note to him in regards to the absences as not being excused.
He wrote back an eloquent letter about how his child learned so much more in that three day experience then having to be in school. In this day and age of social media sometimes things spread like wildfires and this story went as they say “viral”.
Perhaps the state of PA is coming down on parents or guardians that take the children out of the educational experience that is a detriment to their success according to the law.
This leaves me with so many questions.  A grey area.
 I am a product of the american public school education system and state colleges.  School needs rules and regulations yes but the system itself is dated.  Tests that mean nothing other than checking the box. Teachers who have inspiration and creativity but can’t use it with the antiquated driven system that is not working nationally.   Frustrated administrators that have to abide by the rules that the state requires and opportunist for-profit organizations trying to make “new schools”.
Let’s face it, educating our children is a business with origins of making a good worker.  In this past decade of social media and globalization everything has changed.  The market and the way we live has also changed.  Communication is quick with mostly everyone on the planet having a hand held device that can communicate their opinions, their rights as an individual,and where they are going to be at any given moment.  This is exciting and new but can also be scary if channeled in the wrong way.
Inspiration comes from experience.  School should be about inspiration and accept those families that have the opportunity to give their children great experiences. The tough part is we are not working together to give them that.  I believe that public education means well but really needs to dust off the cobwebs of the brick and mortar that it started with and I know this starts from the very top meaning national level. I applaud those in the system that have excitement but there can be so much more.  The YOLO factor needs to be introduced.  You only live once.  If there is an opportunity for anyones children to travel and understand and empathize with others especially to reflect upon a tragedy as in Boston with grace and dignity not only should the parents get a stamp of approval but the children should get gold stars.
You see for this is the making of a great human being and no one takes a test for that.