Things to never trust.

                       Things to never trust.
Never trust a dentist who has a large tooth replica outside of his/her office.
To me, this says I like pulling teeth rather then fixing them.
Never trust the hand out people.  Yes, those that hand out pamphlets that usually have a graphic beautiful image only for you to open it with their opinions or a "come to my place of worship" write- up.
Never trust those that hand you something for free.  Candy especially.  Nothing is free. Everyone is trying to sell you something.
Never trust that those bags on the streets of New York are real. Sure, you may get a good deal but the bags are fake and it just makes you look more fake.
Never trust those selling tickets outside a concert or stadium.  There is no deal there either, they want to make a buck.
Never trust a lobbyist. They are there to sell their buddies latest write- up to pass into law.
Trust me on these things.
There are plenty of things to trust
but these in my opinion are the never.
Case closed.