If the suit fits you.

If the suit fits you.
 The majority of you may have had this dream.  You are in the air and flying.   

And now through human invention, you can do this for real.  Yes when you are awake and alive.  There is skydiving and now there is jumping with a wingsuit.
  A wingsuit is a specially designed suit that fits to your body. 

Daredevils reach heights from mountains and buildings and jump off. They glide their way through air and eventually deploy a parachute for a safe landing.

The jump is not out of a plane. According to wingsuit descriptions, you fly much slower at a speed of 60 miles an hour.  Skydiving speeds are over 120 miles per hour. 

So if the suit fits and you like the idea of jumping suit down to the ground ...go for it I will follow suit and enjoy the air and flying in my dreams.