Friday, May 8, 2015

The case of the curious camera and the art of image making.

                    The case of the curious camera and the art of image making.
Years before the invention of the camera there were paintings.  Paintings that were portraits and landscapes.  Artists who depicted and imagined real people and real scenes interpreted of course in their vision.

Then came the camera.  We have record of what people wore and looked liked over a 100 years ago.  Then the moving image which was a camera taking multiple shots.  I think of Charlie Chaplin. Fast forward to images and tv and movies to hand held camera’s and quick printing ones like a polaroid.  Then of course digital and cell phones that have camera’s in it.  

There are those that don’t like the idea that everyone has a camera hence a phone. To some it is not a serious medium.  I disagree with them.  Any medium is a serious medium. The art of image making comes in different forms and art can be made that takes hours or takes a second.  Curious minds will always try new ways just like a painting.  Here’s my interpreted vision of the flying copter or DJ phantom camera as I am looking at it.

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