Please don't stop the music.

                     Don't stop the music.
Is music regional? And cultural? Do you get your taste of music from what you listened to as a child. Did your parents or grandparents influence the songs you play over and over again?

If there was a soundtrack that you could play and listen to on a remote
or deserted island what would it be?

Summer in the 70s I repeatedly go back to by comfort or embarrassment.
Motown, the 5th Dimension, Hall and Oats,Stevie Wonder,Donna Summer,Led Zeppelin,and Blind Faith take me back to a fragment of time in childhood.

I was rocked in a cradle as a baby to The White Album by the Beatles and when I hear it I remember it quite well.  I’m one of those sound nerds who can name a tune from that period of history and start singing it. Music is a fundamentally universal pleasure by which most of us can hear.  It ties you to your roots and can piss off as well as bring masses together in sheer unison singing the same song with different degrees of endearment and love.

You can talk about music you hate, music you like and music that makes you cry and songs that make you incredibly happy.

It has the power to uplift and enhance the experience of walking, running, and driving in a car and many other things.  The moment you place those headphones on you could be in the airport, the gym, the subway and it literally changes the energy and space your moving in like a live video that only you can embrace.

To hear is one of those gifted senses that can make you feel and move with abandonment.  I can reach back even further in the past listening to classical and I stop every time PBS has the Laurence Welk Show.

 I remember watching this on a tiny black and white tv with my grandmother.  This was one of those entertainment programs she looked forward to and as her grandkids it was important to her for us to keep quiet and watch the songs and the dances.  Who could forget those outfits? 
It is simply timeless and even though my grandmother has been gone for over eight years now, I can still reach out and have that have that connection through that show and the music. 

The music doesn’t stop, it just keeps going on and on and on.