See you in September.

   See you in September.
Alas its here.  Whether you enjoy the sounds of the crickets, the smell of honeysuckle, the energy of thunderstorms, and the swells of the ocean.  
Summer is reaching out to you. 
You most vote yes to the heat, less structure, and more rays of sun.  
Schools are winding down and ending for the year.  The population of school age children are no longer sitting at a desk and reading and writing.
Time to explore camps if you can and swimming and the ocean. 
Maybe a family trip that involves the purity of exploring and
learning new things and meeting new people.
Twelve fine weeks of reflection and perhaps a bit of boredom.
But beware as marketers try to bait the consumer with back to school sales.  It could only be further from the truth. 
Backpacks and pencils and erasers can wait, til the lunch ladies are singing the blues. 

 Feliz Verano!