The rain in Maine

                  The rain in Maine.
If you vacation on the East Coast and predominately near the shoreline, you take your chances. There is always hope for sunny skies but there can be stormy weather every now and then.  You will need something to pass the time perhaps a book or a coffee shop or a game or two.  If you have an internet connection then the world is still right in front of you to some.  If you don’t you’ll have to pass the time somehow until the dark clouds with their H2O eruption settles.

The sea is mysterious and can be calm one moment and wild the next.  Energy picks up very quickly over water and the tides.  Some of the greatest tides are in Maine specifically the Bay of Fundy.  Huge amounts of water flow in and out.  
The water in Maine in the summer is still cold and deep with lots of sea life. 

The tides are part of the natural gravitation cycle of the moon.  The energy is connected to the movement of the planets specifically the moon and the sun. 
 A plus is the coastal weather.  Last year a fog rolled over Owl’s head so quickly it looked like a giant’s long fingers were sweeping the tops of the surface in a trance like state.

Of course it will rain in Maine and there is no need to be bored.  My own gravitational body will pull me out of the chair to watch the swells of the sea and the tides that change minute by minute.