Don't be sharky.

                      Don't be sharky.
It began with jaws and continues with sharknado.
There is a week long showing and programming of all things sharks in July.
Some good stories on them and then some bad.
Years ago as a child I went to a pediatric dentist who was a shark hunter.
Yes, imagine going into an office that was for children and teeth cleaning that had stuffed sharks mounted on the walls suspended with wire smiling their teeth at you!
Talk about intimidation.  The dentist looked like a retired sergeant with flip bifocals.
There was a small long thin window that you could see through when the next dental hygienist would come and get you.
As much as I knew that I needed my teeth cleaned it was amazing to me that this was a place for kids.
Sharks beware as this guy was gonna find you and get you with a harpoon, then stuff you and display you for all the frolicking children at his office.
Don’t be sharky.
Every visit I hoped for no cavities in advance.