Gone Fishing

                       Gone Fishing
Before yoga and meditation there was fishing.
There is a pole and a string and maybe a worm. The key is you float in a boat on the water. You wait and you wait.  Sometimes there is a tug and that is when you can reel it in.
There are many types of ways to fish.  You can directly feed the tarpon in Key West  and see them flutter around.  You can fly fish or deep sea dive fish in the open waters of the sea or you can go to a local pond fresh with sunnies.  Sometimes you catch to eat and others you just place the fish back in water.
Most times its sunny and quiet.  You are in water and watching the reflection of the water and just being and breathing.
There are no tights or mats to bring and no om.  A hat with sunglasses helps from the direct rays of the sun. You usually need a license as an adult to catch a fish. But if you don’t want to catch one you can just float.  The prize is in the moment,  the idea rather then a goal.
When I see the fisherman in the creeks fly fishing near Valley Forge they are in a world of their own guided by the river that flows and the light that shines.
When someone says gone fishing it doesn’t literally have to mean that at all.
Guided by the river that flows and the light that shines.