The dog days of summer.

                   The Dog Days of Summer.
We are entering the dog days of summer.  The hottest of the hot.
More humid than a sauna.  Sticky and sweaty smells of everything.
The constellation sirius is the dog star and one of the brightest.
They say the quote originated from the Romans.
As the temperature rises during the day.
Exert less energy.  Drink more water or go get a snow cone or ice cream.
Summers as a kid go fast.  Sleep late and play most of the day.
A pool and an ice cream truck and woods everywhere to explore.
No schedule just time and long bright days.
Sunshine, smells, thunderstorms, jersey pizza, and sand in your mouth
 at the beach no matter how hard you tried to stay clean.
Fudge and candy stores and skeeball at the arcade.
Miniature golf and tans and sunburn.
Tidal pools and horseshoe crabs.
Chesapeake Bay and corn that grows taller then everyone.
Most local folks go to Sea Isle, Avalon, Stone Harbor, or Ocean City.
Fireworks on the 4th that light up the sky with the brightest of colors.
And dogs.
Who are a part of the hot days in the summer.
Whether they like it or not.