What guides me to visit the city that never sleeps.

                     What has guided me to the city that never sleeps...
The tired, the poor and the hungry masses.  You have to be a people person because you see more of them then any other mammal in that city.

You can’t have this sense of entitlement.  You know who you are. 
The kind that have dreams of a lawn and space where you can yell
at people to get off of it.  

The lawn there is Central Park, Madison Square, Bryant Park and many others that is shared by many living souls.

Walking at a steady pace with eyes in front, you are moving as if you are apart of  blood flowing in a vibrant vein.
The city is a bumping hustle and bustle noisy smelly metropolis that is unforgiving and unwavering. It embraces all cultures, creeds, and variable shades of skin and hair colors.  Everyone mixed like a pot of potpourri. 

Most people say you either love it or hate it.  Cities are where you can learn more about yourself and embrace those you are not. 

The streets are filled with smells and sells of every kind. 

Sleep I think not... guided by lights that never go out.