Does my size really matter?

   Does my size really matter?
Legends and tales start with a story that is passed down through word of mouth.
Fact or fiction.  Truth or tall tale.
Some are explainable others are not..
Nessie or the Loch Ness monster is a story that continues.
Nestled in a fresh water lake in Scotland lives a dinosaur like creature that can be seen in a grainy photo.
She is a large cumbersome looking animal that must feed on plantlike things in the deepest part of the lake.
She comes up to visit when skeptics arrive.
You can take a photo.
But it will never come out clear.
She’s been known on occasion to sing Happy Birthday to Presidents.
Okay you got me.
That is another legend.
Here is to Nessie.
Goddess of the highlands luring tourists to catch a glimpse of her monumental size.