Nightmares and Monsters..

                  Nightmares and Monsters
You wake up in a cold sweat with your heart pounding.

In between worlds, it is dark and your sure you’ve been chased.

No it is not a scary movie.  It is indeed your scary movie and you are the lead.

You play the part of the victim, the one who is being chased and grabbed by a monster , sometimes you are running and other times you are fighting back.

And boom its over. 

The mind quickly moves to thirst or the bathroom and you either fall back asleep at that 2 o’clock hour or remain restless in thought. 

Sleep is not a lazy thing. While the body is at rest, the brain sure stays busy.  

Most deep REM sleep comes the first half of the night this is why sometimes there is difficulty getting back to sleep.

I am sure at some point everyone has experienced some sleep deprivation.

The belief is that 7.5 to 9 hours of rest is the key.

Not all dreams fit one size.

Monsters can be friendly in some of them too.