Take a selfie.

                Take a selfie.
Selfie sticks are being banned in many popular congested cities claiming it is a safety issue. 

These sticks were invented to place your mobile phone on to take a portrait of you and the destination of choice.

Self-portaits have been around for centuries.

Painters have been employed by royals and those of prominence to replicate their self image.
With the development of the camera in the 1800s most people could take on the task of the self-portrait on their own.

The invention of the mobile phone and built in camera made self-portrait photos even more immediately available. 

Moments that seemed to take forever are just a click away.
There are the naysayers..those that believe you cannot take a real photo without a real camera.

I beg to differ. 
The composition of living breathing things is all around you.

This modern day camera can capture, paint, and frame a moment in time quicker then any news source these days.

You can take a selfie without that stick and retake if your smile is not quite right.