Til the tooth fairy sings.....

Til the tooth fairy sings...
The tooth fairy has been around for centuries.
Baby teeth that fall out get placed underneath a pillow to be given up to the fairy that then places a monetary value for the tooth.
So how much do you give? It is up to the household what financial gains the child should receive.
There are plenty of stories and myths to believe in.
Of course there is a bunny and a jolly man in a red suit.
What does the tooth fairy look like?
Maybe most imagine a small slight flying creature but it is anyone’s guess.
Maybe she is jovial and large and sings for the teeth.
Perhaps the imaginary tell-tale has deeper meaning in hope.
Singing the song of welcoming the a new much larger tooth.
Not a bad payout for the old tiny one that is no longer useful.
The going rate is 5$
All depends on the bull or bear market.