Enter in through the mouth of the city.

                       Enter in through the mouth of the city.
The more adventures I have in New York City ..the more I don’t know.
The metropolis is huge and can’t be done in 24 hrs.
Adventures began in Midtown and now a trip to Lower Manhattan.
Each section has a very different feel.
No doubt the moment you get there everything is in constant movement.
As you stand still to take a photo... time may stop for the picture but not for the city.
I’ve realized to relax a bit and find one or two places I want to go for the day.
There is excitement in a stumble upon.
Plenty of places I haven’t seen yet.
Little Italy, Chelsea, Chinatown, Upper West Side and Brooklyn.
This day trip was Wall Street and the 9/11 Memorial.
Tall buildings bring lots of shade.
Cobblestone streets with food trucks at most corners.
Sounds of helicopters and tugboats and horns for cruises make the city delightfully noisy.
Rebuilding of South Seaport and fun candy stores.
NYC hasn’t stopped amazing me.
Immigrants came from far and wide.
Its as good as it gets ...even if they were out of hot dogs that day.
More adventures to come.