If your lost

                 If your lost.
For whatever reason I get stopped and asked for directions at least once a week.  I usually am walking around town with my headphones.

The plan is to walk and jog with no direction of my own just a giant circle and and hour of time.

I wonder if I look like I know what I’m doing or simply look friendly and unassuming.  I have been asked for directions to the local pubs, borough hall, the court, the canal, several churches and restaurants. Come to think of it I have been able to tell them where it is.

Left, right or past the light blah blah blah..  You would think with google and GPS apps they would easily find it.  There even is a voice that speaks in a timely manner which way to go?

Sometimes I think the GPS must take away from the people interaction and the lost need to be spoken to by a human who knows where they are going.... albeit in circles to simply raise the heart rate.

Perhaps I need a t-shirt to wear that says ...If your lost I may have the answer but for now I’ll just stick to verbalizing take a right or left and there you are at your final destination.

 May the real GPS step forward.