The routines.

                       The Routines.
Routines are a daily reminder that regularity matters.

Coffee for example.

Every day I wake up and have coffee at the same time.

If I don’t I might be reminded with a slight headache.

That is your body reminding you that the caffeine and the first sip matter in the routine.

Waking up the same time every day too.

You might have a vacation coming up and even if the alarm isn’t set your internal clock is.

Anyone of you with sleep wake cycles.

You can wake up in the middle of the night and usually its spot on at the same time.

When something new approaches to the pattern of the old routine, things get disrupted and in some cases anxiety can sit in.

Entering a new phase can been exciting for some and jarring for others.

It depends on how you approach it.

Will you learn something new and for that matter will you learn something new about yourself?

That is where you gather the firewood and strength to keep the things burning and ideas sparking.

Routine does matter but switching it up is just as important.

Breaking things up a little helps for growth.

I’ll leave the coffee reminder alone though.

That routine or ritual starts the day off just right with a sip that can help any new cycle.