My name started as Mutt.  I was born somewhere between 5th Ave and Yonkers.
I come from a long line of mixed breeds.
Some say I look like a Jack Russell.
Others believe I have some sort of Corgi lineage.
I have never gotten a DNA test so I’ll continue to wonder.
My future was uncertain until I was collected with a bunch of other mutts during a raid outside the local italian restaurant.
I then was placed in a rescue joint where they took a fancy photo of me and renamed me George.
They guessed I was 18 months according to my canines.
I can’t keep track of time so there guess is as good as mine.
My new group of providers picked me up in a silver jeep.
They seem nice.
I have a few sibling mutts now who’s lineage is just as confusing as mine.
The house is fun and there is plenty of food and toys.
A large fenced in yard where I can bark at will, mostly at squirrels and people staring at me.
There are times that my providers head out of town and need for us to go to a farm.
They are plenty friendly there but the place sure does smell.
Baths are important before I get picked up again.
My favorite thing to do is jump in the local river and catch tennis balls.
Life is pretty good even for a Mutt like me renamed as George born somewhere between 5th Ave and Yonkers.