Racing over 40.

                                     Racing over 40.
I have entered an age where 5ks and 10ks are a different kind of accomplishment then my younger years. 
There is no sense that I need to win the time or the heat for my age.
Accomplishing the race itself is the goal. 
And I’m a big lover of the swag..Things that I think are free but are advertisements for stuff and yeah I did pay for a race. Thats right!
A quick quote from a documentary called Iris where someone asks her at the age of 90ish how do you get up everyday?
She says, “ I have two of everything and one hurts."
So you take the good and the bad and when everything is in working order you go, go, go. 
Plantar fascitis ,some sore back stuff, and a tendency because of stature to bring down a box or two of something on my head at the grocery store.
No worse for the wear and the best part of the marathons is the sheer amount of people doing the same thing as you.
Different ages and different limitations.
I feel pretty good I’d say. 
Pretty,Pretty good.