To trick or not to treat.

                    To trick or not to treat
There is something circulating the web these days as to when to stop giving out candy.
Sort of like a rule or age limit when candy gifts should no longer be given out.
Everyone is an expert these days.
Cultures around the world have been celebrating the art of trick or treating for years.
Halloween and the participation of neighbors and candy and dress up has been going on in the US since the 1920s.
Mostly a fun event and surrounds the art of giving and getting dressed up.
I don’t see where it has to stop at any age?
I give out candy to whomever wants it and if you are in a costume who can really tell your age?
If they ask for more then one piece I see it as ambitious not greedy.
I don’t give out apples or pretzels or health food.
I’m not interested in talking about tooth decay or how sugar is evil.
I watch to see what particular type is the favorite and play marketing lady in my head.
All time favorite of years past has been the Kit Kat followed by Reese’s peanut butter.
I think to myself is it the packaging? They are red and orange.. Very bright,simple, and to the point.
Plenty of people that have come by with barely a tooth young and old.
Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate and yes it melts so its easy for those that are missing the calcified structures in the jaw.
As long as I’m moving around in this world, I’ll give out sweets and watch the people dress up including me.
Not the first time I haven’t listened to the experts on age limit.
Age is a state of mind they say.
I agree with that at least.