Do your homework and eat your peas please!

                                 Do your homework and eat your peas please!
We have all been there.  Whatever stage in life you are.. if you were in school whether private or public you had what?
The dreaded mundane task of completing homework. Much of the day is spent at school learning and moving from class to class.
I don’t know why homework originated.  Perhaps it is a way for your brain to recite the messages it received at school during the day.
It could be the art of doing and completing and comprehending.
I must admit I am biased.
I am a non-believer of pushing the papers and reading things over again and again.
They say a cricket has a span of attention of 9 seconds.
Then there is the human brain which is said to have a span of attention of only 8 seconds.
Crickets don’t have to do homework.
Crickets chirp and hop.
At the end of a long school day that is what kids should do.
But as a kid I did my homework.
And now as a parent the kids have to do their homework.
I don’t ask and its been the I trust your judgement but there has been some slacking and teachers have made mention through e-mail.
I don’t like it but its part of the system maybe at some point there could be a boycott on homework but for now 
its still part of the school sojourn.
I did boycott peas though and have never pushed my kids to eat those dreaded green tasteless things.
Eat your peas please! Ahh nope... but do your homework!