It is just like riding a bike.

                               It is just like riding a bike.
Have you ever heard that saying.. it is just like riding a bike.
For anything and everything.
The message of pedaling those wheels again and moving.  
It is a quote that people use time and time again to say get back on your feet and get going.
Biking takes balance.
You need to trust the bike as well as yourself.
Hold onto the handles and make sure the brakes work and the wheels are full of air and you are aligned. 
You control where the bike goes and must trust your judgement with eyesight, pedaling, start, and stopping. 
You can also control just how fast or slow you go.
What you don’t control is the weather, the cars, and the unpredictable environment. 
It is an adventure and there is nothing like pedaling a piece of metal you sit on to move to and fro.
You may fall and things can and will happen.
Life is a lot like riding a bike.
Keep the wheels moving and get back on.