Tis the Season

                                      Tis the season
Grocery stores are filled. 
Jam packed with people that are either visiting for the holidays or hosting and making the thankful meal
….and then there are the humans that mostly make frozen meals and come out of their cave for the holiday to bring something special to whomever’s place they have been invited too.
The bakery aisle where flour and spices are sold seems like a line for some broadway show. 
Puzzled crowds trying to find the right ingredient for the recipe.
You have to give it to people as they are trying.
Trying to be kind or thoughtful or giving or loving.
You know the feeling is there however curmudgeonly they act in the aisles.
Usually there are two things that make people Les Miz.
Hunger which can be eliminated by a quick bite of something.
Or tiredness which well comes in the form of sleep.
Its getting cold too and everyone is wearing jackets and that adds layers to the body and more heat if the grocery store is warm.
Its a shame that there aren’t couches in the market.
Or a ticket for free cookies and milk with every purchase.
I’d imagine if someone was dressed up in a costume from a favorite movie there would be delight there to.
So many ideas to make the travels and purchasing of thoughtful edible things more effortless.
In the end it is the beginning of Tis the Season.
Good tidings grumpily perusing the aisles, it is still good to be thankful.