Let it Snow?

                              Let it snow?
With this weekends weather forecast on the East coast snow is not in the cards.
It is December and at this time two years ago there was a winter storm with snow and kids off of school.
The high temperature this saturday is said to be 65 or more which may meet a record.
With bare trees and it getting dark at 4:15 pm the one thing we don’t have is the cold.
No heavy jackets or warming up the car a few minutes early or scraping the windshield. 
I won’t be the one complaining.
We inevitably get cold and snow and won’t escape it in January or February.
I’ll take a two month winter if that is what is presented.
For all the skiers and snowboarders and mountains that don’t have snow I am truly sorry.
Its a gamble here on the coast.
Some years are good and some are bad.
Always have a backup plan and invest in hiking boots.
There are plenty of woods and hikes to take to make the doldrums pass until the New Year.
Surfs up even if snow isn’t.