The choice between bone china or a blueprint?

                         The choice between bone china or a blueprint.

If you had the choice between china or the blueprint of your family which would you choose?
The good china or the photos?
Photos are priceless and yes you couldn't pawn them for cash.
Good china is important to some as to pass down and is usually kept in fancy glass- encased furniture that
is carefully placed on the table for special occasions.
Family photo albums can be passed around on every occasion.
At times there is an argument on who gets grandma’s china.
I don’t think I ever heard a debate on who gets her stinky photos.
And with that said I enjoy all the photos that are black and white and polaroid.
Photos are blueprints of the generations and the family tree that shows the early roots.
I never asked for the china and am happy that cameras were invented at the turn of the century.
Plates get cleaned and stacked at the end of the meal and placed back in the glass- encased furniture.
The photographs though can be handled and enjoyed at any time whether there is a meal or not.
There is a story in each one.