Did a bluebird on my shoulder say that's money blowing in the wind?

                          Did the bluebird on my shoulder say that's money blowing in the wind?
Chances are slim but hope remains high.
For this day January 13th someone might be lucky.  
What am I referring too?
Powerball jackpot.  
With an estimated winnings of 1.4 billion dollars.
Thats right you could be the 1 percent. 
The question looms.
What would you do with the money if you had it?
Many say pay off bills, help family members, buy their house and a new car.
Fund their kids so they can go to college and come out debt free.
These things would help the middle class.
And if dreams are made for the dreamers I say thats okay.
It is good to dream.
Good to be out of debt.
Good to be able to pay for their children’s education.
To secure a future and a career.
To buy a car that won’t break down.
And a house with no mortgage. 
Stress is money and money is stress.
The idea of the Powerball and winning is the thought that it can buy freedom.
Rest easy y’all as its very few that will have that billion dollar smile.
There is hope though and maybe just maybe some things can change.
And education and college will be more affordable.
And there will be some magic for the masses that are for the good people that just can’t get a break.
Why yes this is an election year.
One can only hope that we hit the jackpot with a leader in America that will help.
Or just continue to play Powerball and dream.
No one said you had to stop.
Tickets are still on sale today.