Lost Monster

                         Lost Monster
The weather around town has gotten colder.  Most nights the lows are 28 or below. 
Flyers that were posted with yard sales are sadly replaced with a lost pet.
Lost cats and even a lost cockatiel bird.
Some birds do live in the wild but are from these parts in the East.
I am sure there are plenty of people on the lookout to help find their neighbors pet.
This lead to my thinking of a story for a book.
Lost Monster.
Have you seen him?
Monster is microchipped and eats wrapping paper and candy.
Last seen on Broadway and Vine.
Please call if you spot monster. 
Help monster find his way home. 
He ran out the door when the neighbors were checking on him.
Monster will follow glitter and goes by the nickname Meester.
I’ll post when I have more.