Balancing the blue bucket.

                                                                     Balancing the blue bucket.
Balance is a heady subject.
While life continues at an ever present state. 
We are either of the two. Meaning those that continue to revel in the past, or those that are always planning for the future.
Never mind the present is really the state we continue to be in.
It is difficult to decide which is better?
In the past there are stories to tell about.
And in the future there are plans in mind and will be stories.
The tough part is the in between, the state of every day. 
The simple act of waking up and getting coffee, checking the weather, and making breakfast.
Either going to work or taking the kids to school or going for a walk.
Is there a story there? 
There could be. 
Recognizing the every day and simple tasks need to be done. 
Mindfulness which is gratitude.
Being mindful to the day to day.
Moment to moment.
Positive or negative.
Balancing your life at an ever present state.
Makes you appreciate living.
There are plenty of stories.
And plenty of buckets to balance all while telling them.