If Humpty Dumpty had been a Weeble Wobble.

                                                                  If Humpty Dumpty had been a Weeble Wobble
If Humpty Dumpty was in fact a Weeble Wobble the rhyme of Humpty Dumpty would be very different.
All the kings horses and and all the kings men wouldn’t have to think of putting him back together again.
Was Humpty clumsy or a drunkard?
Folklore even has the rhyme tied to a siege.
Its been in popular culture for years and has been used by authors,artists and musicians.
If we were thinking of the big picture Humpty Dumpty is in an insecure position..in a bit of a pickle one might say.
The downfall of his own demise.
If he was to weeble wobble and not fall then no one would have to try and piece him together.
Maybe like a cat with nine lives.
His balance could keep him upright and unbreakable and then he couldn’t be scrambled or souffl├ęd.